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BSPNTX Members Learn About Opportunities in Golf in First In-Person Event in 16 Months

Updated: Jul 23, 2021

June 16, 2021

DALLAS – More than 30 Black Sports Professionals North Texas and National Black MBA Association Dallas-Fort Worth Chapter members enjoyed an informative evening learning about career opportunities in golf from PGA of America executives at the Cedar Crest Golf Course in Dallas.

The event, featuring that a panel discussion and golfing demonstration, was the first in-person networking opportunity for BSPNTX members in more than 16 months.

Notable quotes from the panel portion of the event:

Scooter Clark, Director of the PGA WORKS Collegiate Championship

• On encouraging anyone who wants to work in the business of golf: "Get comfortable with the game. Do research and check for job availability. Align your interest with jobs."

Sandy Cross, People Officer at the PGA of America

• On being nervous the first time she was asked to switch to a sales-focused role: "To have the opportunity to prove that you can generate revenue is powerful."

• On to diversifying golf: "We're committed to making a game and a workforce that mirrors America."

• On the COVID-19 pandemic's effect on golf: "Golf was one of the few things people could do safely during the pandemic."

• On lessons learned in the Diversity, Equity & Inclusion space after lacking the focus on inclusion at the beginning when bringing in diverse employees: "Lead with inclusion, when you lead with inclusion diversity will follow."

• On the PGA of America moving its offices to Frisco: "Access and inclusion are important threads in the fabric of PGA Frisco."

• On the PGA of America's Caucasian-only male clause from 1931-64: "The PGA has to own our past."

Ira Molayo, General Manager at Cedar Crest Golf Course

• On his goal with/approach to golf: "Leverage golf holistically to empower people through golf."

• On business opportunities in golf for business owners/contractors: "Golf is untapped!"

• On the process of becoming successful: "In order to get to the end goal it is not a straight line, it is a jagged edge."

• On three words to remember in your career: "Modify, adapt, pivot! Know when you have to modify or burn everything down."

• On the issues around the exposure to golf: "One of the biggest problems is access."

• On how to grow the sport of golf with the next generation: "School introduction is the next step for golf."

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